Release Notes 12.21

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  • Traditionally, you have been able to unassign service providers and service providers have been free to remove themselves from Work Orders which are more than 24 hours from the start time. We have updated this logic to comply with the logic used behind Flightboard. Now, you will not be able to unassign a service provider after 6 am the day before the assigned work order. At the same time, a service provider will no longer be able to unassign themselves from a Work Order after 6 am the day before the assigned Work Order
  • In order to make it easier to mass approve work orders, we have created a new status “Work Done Increase Requested.” You can now filter by this status to show work orders that can be mass approved, and work orders that have an increase requested and need to be reviewed
  • In 12.19, we released a time stamp when a service provider marks themselves “On My Way.” This time stamp will now also appear in the event log of the Work Order