Release Notes 12.30

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  • We have  made changes to the “Report A Problem” Process
    • If a service provider reports the problem “I can’t make it to my assignment” this problem type will no longer go to the support team. You must remove the provider, or adjust the schedule yourself.
    • There is no longer an option to select if the service provider reported this problem before or after the confirmation window. Moving forward, the only option when removing the service provider will be to select “Provider cancelled.” This will log a time stamp and the system will determine whether or not to trigger a Provider Quality Assurance Policy event.
    • If a service provider calls you directly to let you know they can not make it to their assignment, please instruct them to report the problem in the platform. This will avoid any communication issues.
    • If a service provider reports a problem of “Schedule needs updating” support will no longer be notified. This problem type will need to be handled between yourself and the service provider
    • When reporting a problem, you will see at the bottom of the pop-up whether or not the problem type will be sent to the support team.
  • The type of work “High Voltage Wiring” will now be “Electrical” on all work orders, templates, and service provider profiles.