Release Notes Nov. 9

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Updates for Clients

New Funds View

Clients can switch between the old and new funding pages. Clients can access this by clicking the Preview button. Clients can also export their transactions. These exports can be filtered by transaction date. Please note that in a few weeks you will only see the new funding page. Please provide feedback

Event Log

Now, if a work order is requested with a counter offer, you can view the counter-offer request on the log without having to click into it. Lines will display “is counter,” “counter expires,” or “counter notes.”

Updates for Service Providers

Provider View:

Service providers can clear default filters to view types of work and coverage areas. New hard filters have been added to replace default filters so service providers can see additional work. This change allows service providers to review other types of work they may not have on their profiles.


Canadian service providers will notice a slight change to the Checkr site when requesting background checks. This is to meet changes to Canadian regulations.

Updates for Field Nation ONE users

Work Order Creation: 

Clients with multiple talent networks can choose what network to publish a work order to. Work orders for clients with only one network will automatically publish to that network.

Networks list:

New searching feature added to search networks to decrease time spent searching for talent.