Registered Service Companies

What is a Registered Service Company?

Registered Service Companies are service companies that employ at least three W2s.

Field Nation established Registered Service Companies to help clients mitigate the risk of violating employment laws like California’s AB5. They enable clients to use an actual employee who is receiving the benefit of workers’ compensation from their employer.

What's the difference between a Service Company and a Registered Service Company?

Service Company

A Field Nation software configuration that allows multiple users to complete work together under a single organization.

Service Companies are not required to have workers’ compensation insurance.

Users do not have to be W2 employees, nor are there a minimum number of employees.

EINs are not required.

Registered Service Co.

A company that has been verified by Field Nation that they are the employer of the providers on Field Nation’s platform.

Field Nation has verified the company has workers’ compensation insurance.

The company has registered with Field Nation that they meet the minimum requirement of 3 W2 employees.

EINs are required.

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Why Become a Registered Service Company?

Several Field Nation clients have opted to exclusively use Registered Service Companies in the state of California to mitigate risk.

This presents an opportunity for companies who already employ W2 technicians.

What You Need to Become a Registered Service Company

An employer EIN

3+ W2 Employees

A Workers’ Compensation Certificate of Insurance

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Want to become a Registered Service Company?