The 8 Most Effective Mobile Apps for Freelancers

1.22.2016, Written by fieldnation

The 8 most effective mobile apps for freelancers working in the gig or sharing economy.This article originally appeared on TechSling.

From deadlines and client meetings, to answering emails at all hours of the day, freelancers have a lot to juggle. The most effective independent workers have to be efficient, timely, and organized while on-the-go. Without the hourly parameters of the traditional 9-5 workday – and oftentimes a makeshift office location – freelancers rely on their laptops and phones to stay connected.

 Working with freelancers is not a one-way street, either. More and more employers are turning to the freelance marketplace to find talented expertise. With reports stating that 25 – 30% of the workforce is contingent, there is a growing need for tools that help independents stay in touch with their clients, search for new opportunities, develop and grow their business, and enable them to communicate with others in the industry.

The most readily available (and financially feasible) option for many freelancers and employers looking to accomplish this is by using a Freelancer Management System (FMS). FMS solutions transform the way employers find talent, manage freelancers, and connect with contractors, and is a great resource that independents can use to find available opportunities in their area. An FMS provides insight and visibility for both parties throughout the lifecycle of a project – from showcasing a potential freelancer’s qualifications, negotiating contract terms and the exchange of payment, an FMS is a one-stop solution for effective and cost-efficient work management.

Other than an FMS solution, there are several other tools that both employers and freelancers can utilize to conduct and complete their business. For those who often end up working out of the palm of their hand, here are some of the best mobile apps to help you navigate today’s ever-changing workforce.


Project Management

Field Nation: The Field Nation iOS and Android apps place freelance and contract jobs within reach. Users gain instant access to thousands of jobs in the retail, telecommunications, hospitality, and other IT-related industries. The location-based features allow freelancers to search for work in their area and receive alerts for new opportunities. Once landing the perfect job, users can view all the details on their mobile device and connect with clients in real-time. Field Nation recognizes that freelancers have to be ready to work anywhere, at any time, and the app was designed with that in mind. The Field Nation iOS app also syncs with cloud storage platforms like iCloud, Dropbox, and OneDrive, so critical documentations and files can be easily saved and access while on-site. The app is free in both the Google Play and Apply iTunes stores.


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