Trust & Security

Count on peace of mind while working in our marketplace.
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You're hesitant, we get it.

Using contractors you’ve never met before can be scary – especially when they are going onsite representing you. But, we’ve been doing this successfully for over a decade. Our clients find that specific work orders and technician filters help them get the right person onsite. Some best practices are:

  • increasing pay to attract experienced workers
  • reading ratings and reviews before assignment
  • creating talent pools of previously used workers

Source the right workers

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Reputation matters

Top-rated technicians, detailed profile information, and past reviews make it easy to find the right contractor with positive work history.

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Chat with technicians

Messages promote real-time conversations before and after you select a technician. Keep communication open and expectations in the work order clear for a successful project.

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Leave reviews

Past reviews help you vet potential workers. Leave reviews so other users know a technician does great work.

Support and assistance

When something happens, we are here to help. With 24/7/365 support you can get help from our customer support team anytime, anywhere. They’re living, breathing humans, here to help you solve issues. 

Keeping your information secure

With over 75,000 work orders processed each month, data security is a top priority. Your data is protected by multiple levels of security and encryption to prevent failure and mitigate against data loss. All payment transactions are processed using secure encryption – the same level of encryption used by leading banks and financial institutions.

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Earning your trust

VCPI sends contractors from the Field Nation Marketplace to long-term care facilities. For them, sending a contractor onsite is like, “sending someone to their grandparents’ house.” VCPI found a way to vet service providers to ensure they are the right person for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I evaluate a technician before selecting them?

    Technician profiles include detailed information such as work experience, jobs completed on Field Nation, success scores from past clients, and certifications so you can better know who you select. Our matching algorithm will recommend top providers for you to choose from, but ultimately it is your responsibility to do a final screen to ensure the technician is a great match for you and your project.

  2. What do their Reliability Ratings mean? How are they calculated?

    Technicians are rated on timeliness, following instructions, accuracy, and assignments fulfilled. Clients rate technicians on a scale of 1-5 which is averaged out on the technician profile. Clients can filter ratings based on all-time, 180 – or 90-days. 

  3. How does Field Nation protect my company and our work?

    Onsite work is inherently risky. Field Nation requires that every work order has $1M in liability insurance. The technicians can opt-in to Field Nation’s policy, or upload their own. Additionally, all information transferred through Field Nation is encrypted and secured, with 99.9% uptime.

  4. What if a technician doesn’t do a good job?

    Technicians are only paid after clients approve a work order. If the job is incomplete, or inaccurate, clients can request the technician to go back to the job site. If an issue can’t be resolved, Field Nation support steps in to take corrective action. We strongly enforce our Provider Quality Policy to ensure only the best technicians are available for work.

  5. Does Field Nation share my information with third-parties?

    We are very protective of your data by only disclosing information permitted by our Privacy Policy. We will never sell or market your data.

  6. Is my payment data secured?

    Yes. All payment transactions are processed using secure encryption – the same level of encryption used by leading banks and financial institutions.

  7. Do you have insurance? What about workers’ compensation?

    You bet. All work orders are backed by $1M in general and professional liability. Workers’ compensation is available, for an extra charge. For more insurance questions view our Insurance page.