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Why the Chief Information Officer Must Care About the Sharing Economy & Freelance Boom

Thinking big is thriving. In the enterprise, there are no shortages of audacious goals, strategic plans and future vision. But ideas alone are not enough – the ability to execute on vision and bring big ideas to life is what counts. Recent studies on CIO priorities suggest that the biggest ideas of enterprise IT are talent and budget, as well as execution. Prioritizing these big visions are one thing, but these same studies also point out that budgets are increasing as well. However, due to grand visions, even non-trivial budget increases are dwarfed by the massive scope of execution needs, leaving enterprises to feel the squeeze from all areas.

Learn about five recommendations that technology executives in large enterprises should pay attention to in order to capitalize on the emergence of the on-demand contingent workforce to achieve – and not just generate – big ideas.

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