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The #1 network of on-site IT field service technicians

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100,000+ field service technicians available across every zip code in North America.


Field Nation is the leading on-demand talent platform for on-site IT field service. Our platform enables companies to find, dispatch, manage and pay independent technicians at scale – all in one place.



Why do you need on-demand labor in today’s market?


Work volumes show no signs of slowing down. Tap our nationwide network of skilled technicians to augment your current labor mix or expand into new geographies.

Cost savings

The cost of labor, travel, and equipment has spiked 6-18%. Cut labor costs up to 40% versus full-time W2s and up to 20% versus subcontractors.


Demand for field service technicians is at an all-time high. Get complete control over technician selection with Field Nation’s best-in-class talent sourcing, vetting, and management tools.

Why do 7K+ companies choose Field Nation?

"We can meet our customers’ needs with a variable workforce from Field Nation, with full confidence that it will go well."

CCO, Service Express

Robert Miller

425K+ sites

Select technicians based on geographic location, skillset, and certification. Field Nation has qualified service providers available across North America.

20+ service types

Our qualified field service technicians cover dozens of specialties, including networking, cabling, point of sale, digital signage, computers & printers, security, and more.

8 minute response time

On average, technicians request published work in 8 minutes or less. Select the most qualified service provider based on reliability, past performance, and certifications.

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