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Field Nation Enterprise

Learn how an on-demand workforce gives your field service organization predictable quality, control, and coverage. At scale.

Manage your services, manage your brand

It's time for enterprise service organizations to rethink the structure of their workforce, avoid the costly trade offs of traditional labor models, and find field service success with on-demand talent.


$35K in savings per technician

To manage the peaks and valleys of seasonal demand, Fujitsu North America turned to Field Nation. Find out how we helped them lower their labor rates by 50%, save 15% per work order, and improve their overall SLA compliance.

The problem (and solution) is your labor mix

Top service leaders know that incorporating on-demand labor into their delivery strategy allows them to flex talent to match variable demand, reduce costs, and utilize full-time employees for highest value work. The result? Higher return on assets, increased win rate, and a positive customer experience.


Meet Field Nation Enterprise

Build and maintain your trusted talent network

Finding and managing a bench of on-demand technicians you can trust can be challenging and time-consuming. Field Nation Enterprise includes the technologies and services you need to streamline the process, including:

  • Provider Assessments
  • Smart Talent Pools
  • Advanced Technician Profile
  • Certified Talent Pools
  • Talent Pool Management

Plan, dispatch, review, and approve work at scale

When your team manages thousands of work orders each week, you need to minimize manual work and ensure efficiency. We provide the tools and expertise to help you scale your service operations, including:

Mitigate risk and stay in compliance

Risk is an inherent part of field service work. Our insurance, controls, screenings, and compliance reporting tools help your business reduce risks and maintain compliance, including:

  • Insurance
  • Controls
  • Screenings
  • Compliance reporting

Maximize value with expert consulting and advisory services

A strategic approach to on-demand labor allows you to align your work with your desired results. Our technology and team enable you to experience meaningful value from day one, including:

  • MarketSmart™ Insights
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Strategic advisory
  • RFP response
  • On-demand operations consulting


Your Field Nation Enterprise account team

In addition to a dedicated Account Manager and Principal Customer Success Manager, your team will be supported by experts who can help you adopt, scale, and succeed with the on-demand labor model.

Talent Advisor

Ensures there is adequate technician coverage based on your specific talent and work requirements.

Compliance Advisor

Shares compliance best practices and performs ongoing work order audits.

Field Service Strategist

Provides guidance to ensure you’re achieving the desired business and service outcomes.


Service Partners + Integrations

Engage expert Field Nation partners and connect your service delivery systems to streamline your operations for maximum speed and efficiency.

Scale to new heights with Field Nation Enterprise

Enterprise MSPs

Capture more opportunities with the right labor mix.

Project-based deployment work is in high demand and often comes with higher margins. But the unpredictable nature of this work requires a flexible labor strategy to profitably deliver. Find out how successful service providers are using on-demand talent to right-size their field service workforce and take advantage of this revenue opportunity.

Don't see your work type or business type?

Field Nation Enterprise supports MSPs, OEMs, VARs, Integrators, and more across a variety of industries. Reach out to our team to find out if Field Nation Enterprise is a good fit for your business needs.


Succeed at scale with Field Nation Enterprise

Join the 60+ leading enterprise service organizations who trust Field Nation to help them grow. Contact us today to start leveraging the savings, efficiency, and growth that only a blended workforce can provide.


How do we measure success at scale? The numbers tell the story:


work orders completed annually


sites serviced in U.S. and Canada


success rate for completed work


Resources for every stage of on-demand labor readiness

Join the #1 network of on-demand technicians in the nation