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Reduce field service costs, increase return

Reducing your labor costs by up to 30% is just the start of savings with on-demand labor. Learn all the ways Field Nation helps increase your ROI.


Watch the returns add up

Independent research results based on in-depth interviews with Field Nation customers revealed that on-demand labor delivers a quick and significant ROI. On average, businesses pay back the cost of their Field Nation investment in 2.4 months and generate an ROI of 391% in 1 year.


Using Field Nation increases your spend efficiency by allowing you to:


Scale your business.


Reduce site visits.


Increase speed to talent.


Streamline operations.

Calculate your ROI

Scale. Save. Streamline.

  • "Field Nation makes it tremendously easy to reach out to techs across the country to expand our capabilities and presence. We have grown from just the NY tri-state area to covering the entire country."

    Chief Operations Officer

  • "Site revisits are down 30% because we have more qualified and professional techs. Through the Field Nation app, we can review a job before the tech leaves the site, so we know if it is complete or not."

    VP of Operations

  • "The biggest time savings of using Field Nation is the app. The tech completes all the milestones of the project in the app: they check in, check off the completed steps, and upload pictures. This ensures better post-job completeness."

    VP of Operations


Think you know how W2 and 1099 labor costs compare? Think again.

Field service labor costs are complicated. This infographic can help – it compares the cost of W2s and 1099s in two different ways: per work order and annually. See the true cost of IT field service labor.


One IT service provider cut their costs by 30%

How big of a difference can on-demand, field-ready technicians make to your bottom line? Find out how one IT service provider used Field Nation to double capacity, expand revenue, and slash overhead in a matter of months.


Do more work with less overhead

It has never been more important to heed the right metrics, streamline operations, and save on costs wherever possible. We’ve designed a model to help field service leaders identify opportunities to do things differently and improve their margins in the process.

Discover your ROI with Field Nation

On average, Field Nation customers realize a 1-year ROI of 391%, an investment payback after 2.4 months and a 42% reduction in cost of goods. How?

Grow Revenue

  • Grow field service business by 5%
  • Increase speed to talent to improve customer retention by 10%

Reduce Cost of Goods

  • Reduce labor-based costs by 30%
  • Reduce number of site revisits by 40%

Save time

  • Reduce time spent on back office administrative tasks by 25%
  • Reduce time spent reviewing jobs for completion by 40%


Add more value to your field service business with Field Nation

Make your budget work harder by taking full advantage of the operational efficiencies Field Nation can provide. Reduce labor costs up to 40% and field more of the work you want, without increasing overhead as you scale.


How can you measure the savings? Let us count the ways:


work orders completed annually


sites serviced in U.S. and Canada


success rate for completed work


The benefits of on-demand labor beyond cost savings

Start saving with the #1 network of nationwide technicians