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Our story

How people work has changed. We were founded in 2008 to push the boundaries of traditional work and provide opportunity to those who seek it.

Helping people do more

When the U.S. economy took a hit in 2008, Founder and CEO Mynul Khan witnessed a major shift in the way people work. Instead of hiring permanent employees, companies started using contractors to deliver their on-site labor. And full-time employees were opting for flexible work opportunities.


Identifying an opportunity to address the growing need for companies and independent workers to easily connect with one another, Khan created Field Nation.



Working together to build a brighter future

We connect people to accomplish great work. We love hearing from our clients and service providers about the opportunities they have grasped since joining the Field Nation community.

The people who move us forward

Mynul Khan

Founder & CEO

Travis Emslander

Chief Technical Officer

Jason Woods

Chief Financial Officer

Briana Belisle

EVP of Marketing

Teri Calderon

EVP of People and Marketplace Operations

Wael Mohammed

EVP of Strategy

Richard Wedmann

EVP of Sales

Steve Salmon

EVP of Enterprise and Channel Sales

Nicole Gode

EVP, Customer Experience and Operations

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