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Intro to On-Demand Labor: Take Control of Field Service Quality

LIVE WEBINAR | Thurs, Aug 15 | 11 am Central

July 18, 2024



Take back control of field service quality

Most field service organizations right now have too much work and not enough people to do it, so they’re bringing in third parties to help. The problem is that when you engage a third party, you lose visibility into who goes on site, how the work gets done, and the customer experience – until it’s too late.


Join Field Nation to learn:

  • How to build your bench of trusted techs from our nationwide network of independent IT professionals
  • How our platform makes it easy to publish and manage work
  • And why the on-demand model is the only option for companies who want control over both cost and quality

Meet John Wustner

John Wustner is a seasoned Senior Business Development Representative with a strong background in telecommunications. He initiated his career by excelling in sales roles at Comcast and AT&T, initially specializing in B2C sales and later transitioning to B2B before Joining Field Nation.


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Tap into the power of on-demand labor