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EPA winner spotlight: Ca’Tia Temple-Holliday

May 6, 2024


As a winner of Field Nation’s 2023 Exceptional Provider Awards, Ca’Tia Temple-Holliday is an expert in providing top-tier IT solutions. She has completed over 900 work orders across 100 clients, emphasizing her experience in helping companies fulfill their field service needs. However, Ca’Tia didn’t always know she would have a career in field services. In fact, her journey into the industry started in a rather unique place: the sound room of her church. Keep reading to learn how Ca’Tia went from a volunteer at her church to co-owning an IT solutions company and becoming an EPA winner.

A leap to leadership

When Ca’Tia discovered a natural talent for sound technology while volunteering for her church, she decided to pursue an audio-visual degree. “After obtaining my audio engineering degree, I started working at a local music school as an A/V technician for the campus,” she explained. During her time there, she gained additional experience in installing, remodeling, and upgrading. 

In 2017, a fellow field technician called her and told her about Field Nation. After spending some time as an independent technician on Field Nation, Ca’Tia decided to join her best friend in starting an audio/visual solutions company. “When we started the business, we hit the ground running, and we haven’t looked back ever since,” she said. Ca’Tia and her business partner used Field Nation as a launching pad to help them grow their company and start taking on work orders. Through Field Nation, she finds projects that match her company’s abilities and pursues new challenges that promote growth and expansion.

Embracing Field Nation

For Ca’Tia, Field Nation has been more than a tool, It’s been a community and a catalyst for success. She leverages the platform to find work between major projects, connect with like-minded professionals, and even staff her projects, allowing her to expand her business reach and explore new possibilities.”Field Nation has opened up so many doors and allowed me to meet so many people,” Ca’Tia said. “It’s been phenomenal.” Field Nation has also enabled Ca’Tia to offer her staff valuable field service experience, further enhancing their skills and the quality of service her business provides.

A day in the life of a field service leader

Ca’Tia’s days are a blend of planning and on-the-fly problem-solving. She spends her evenings preparing for the next day’s duties, ensuring she has all the necessary documentation ready to take on new work orders. “The night before an assignment, I like to go over the scope of work and make sure I have all my materials,” she said. “So when I wake up the next morning, everything is in order, and I can grab my breakfast and be on my way.” This level of organization allows her to tackle both scheduled projects and last-minute calls with efficiency and confidence.

What it means to be an EPA winner

Winning the Field Nation Exceptional Provider Award is a recognition Ca’Tia doesn’t take lightly. “The Exceptional Provider Award is a testament to my hard work,” Ca’Tia explained. “I love what I do, and winning this award tells me that I’m on the right track. It encourages me to press forward and always be the best version of myself.” This award is a reflection of Ca’Tia’s dedication to excellence,  ability to communicate effectively with clients, and commitment to leaving a positive, lasting impact on every site she works on. Her approach to client interactions–emphasizing respect, clear communication, and a non-disruptive presence—has not only earned her accolades but also built a reputation of reliability and quality.

Future aspirations and continuous improvement

For Ca’Tia, the journey doesn’t end with an award. She sees every project, client interaction, and challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow, and refine her skills. “I’m in competition with myself, and I know that there’s always room for improvement,” she says. Her advice to newcomers in the field is to dive in with both feet, pay attention to the details, and always look for ways to improve.

Ca’Tia Temple-Holliday’s story is a powerful example of how dedication, skill, and the right tools can create a path to success in the field service industry. Her journey from volunteering in a church sound room to becoming a celebrated entrepreneur and field service professional is an inspiration to many people in the industry, highlighting the possibilities that lie in the intersection of passion, hard work, and technology. If you’re a technician who wants to start building your field service career like Ca’Tia, click here to sign up for a Field Nation account. If you’re a field service leader looking to connect with skilled audio-visual technicians like Ca’Tia, join Field Nation today!


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