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Find reliable, nationwide digital signage and audiovisual installers

From basic display and speaker installs to decommissioning total AV systems, connect with AV installers who can tackle all of your project needs.


Industry leaders partner to address the AV labor crisis

The AV industry faces a pressing challenge: a critical shortage of skilled AV installers. To tackle this, Field Nation has joined forces with Herman Integration Services, creating a dynamic partnership set to revolutionize how AV services are delivered. Together, we’re building the nation’s largest network of on-demand AV professionals, ensuring fast, flexible solutions for a range of needs—from routine labor support to complex installations.


Get direct access to the best AV installers

1,400+ independent AV installers with a proven history of successful work outcomes are active on Field Nation and available to support simple AV service calls. Have a project in mind? We can show you how our qualified coverage overlaps with your unique needs.


Nationwide technicians give you plenty of screen time

Select and vet from a network of techs with experience installing large and small format displays, and who come equipped with their own tools to get the job done. Whether it’s a complex, multi-site project or a simple hang and bang, you’ll find reliable, nationwide techs at-the-ready.

Rapid deployments

Find local, motivated techs to install end cap and digital displays at a moment’s notice.

Connectivity & configuration

Techs who know multiple brands and models can connect and configure any system.

Smart hands support

Manage costs by matching techs with the need, keeping Tier 1 resources focused on more complicated jobs.


If these walls could talk reliability

Connect to a network of field service technicians with experience installing and servicing media and LED walls. Techs come equipped with the right tools to get the job done. Vet and select technicians to assist your own Tier 1 techs, rather than overutilizing them on less complicated jobs.

  • Media and LED wall installations for nationwide rollouts.
  • Troubleshooting or replacement of screens or displays.
  • Lead and smart hand support.


Specialized experience is always on our menu

As an important part of the retail footprint, menu boards demand their own specialized technicians experienced in installing, troubleshooting, and replacing equipment. Whether it’s a nationwide media controller swap or operating system upgrade, you’ll find the talent you need in the locations you need them on Field Nation.


Find a local tech minutes from your job site with the tools needed to complete screen and display installations.


Upgrade operating systems and your workforce with hand-picked techs experienced in whatever job you need.


Find answers fast with techs who have experience reprogramming, connecting, and configuring boards across your exact retail locations.


Coast to coast digital signage coverage

Expand your business while also reducing overhead with on-demand labor. See where we have the AV & digital signage techs you need and connect with them today on Field Nation.

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Let’s chat about your specific signage needs

From digital menu installations to video conference support, contact Field Nation when you’re ready to connect to thousands of experienced field service techs. They’re ready and waiting to help you manage all your display infrastructure needs.


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These service specialties are a sign of the times


Meet Wendell K. Henderson, Jr.

Let’s put Wendell on display. He’s a Michigan-based field service technician with 9+ years of experience and 1,300 jobs well done for 95 clients. Learn more about him and other top Field Nation performers.

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