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Our story

To meet our world’s technological demands, companies need to connect with IT talent in a reliable, agile way. We’ve been making that possible since 2008.


Breaking the barriers to work

After the U.S. economy took a hit in 2008, the way people work changed. Companies saw the potential that came with integrating contract and on-demand labor solutions into their core business. On the other side of the equation, workers of all stripes began embracing flexible work opportunities that allowed them to make use of their talents while maintaining a balanced life.


Founder and CEO Mynul Khan witnessed this shift as it manifested in the IT world. He identified a problem: The growing opportunity for skilled IT technicians to work independently with service companies was being obstructed by insufficient means to connect. He saw a barrier to work, in other words––and a way through it.


A better way to connect

Field Nation is an on-site talent platform that helps people accomplish great work. In one easy-to-use, integrated platform, companies can solve a critical challenge all service leaders worry about: accessing skilled technical labor. As the way people work continues to evolve, service companies can leverage the platform to connect with vetted talent by tapping a labor source that supplements their full-time employees and subcontractor relationships.


For technicians, Field Nation offers the opportunity to set their own hours and work how/when they want. For companies, the platform combines the cost savings and geographic flexibility inherent to on-demand labor with a heightened degree of visibility and control over who’s representing their brand on-site. In short: it’s a win-win.


Meet the people moving IT forward


A community of big-thinkers

Like the technicians and service companies that use the Field Nation platform, the Field Nation team is committed to finding new and improved ways to get work done. Learn more about what makes our team tick.


Title: Faces of Field Nation: Mark Belanger

For businesses, Faces of Field Nation

As Field Nation’s Network Development Manager, Mark Belanger plays a critical role in this mission. In this Faces of Field Nation feature, Mark shares the journey that brought him to his current position and what he does to connect skilled professionals and the businesses that need them.



Faces of Field Nation: Jeff Novotny

Faces of Field Nation

Director of Marketplace Provider Operations, Jeff Novotny, plays a critical role at Field Nation. In this Faces of Field Nation feature, we dive into the professional experiences that have prepared him for his current role.



Faces of Field Nation: Jeromy Dorsing

Faces of Field Nation

Jeromy Dorsing is a dedicated Customer Success Manager at Field Nation with over 2.5 years of experience in his role. As a former project manager for one of Field Nation’s valued customers, Jeromy brings a valuable perspective and understanding of customer needs to the team.


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