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Title: Faces of Field Nation: Mark Belanger

May 9, 2024


At Field Nation, we prioritize aligning companies with skilled, independent technicians. As Field Nation’s Network Development Manager, Mark Belanger plays a critical role in this mission. In this Faces of Field Nation feature, Mark shares the journey that brought him to his current position and what he does to connect skilled professionals and the businesses that need them.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your role as a Network Development Manager at Field Nation?

My role involves ensuring the Field Nation marketplace has a sufficient number of independent technicians with the necessary skills to match customer demand. I do this by tracking fill rates and work order outcomes down to local geographies.  I then implement campaigns to develop the networks where market gaps exist in meeting demand. I’m also responsible for expanding the categorization of skills on the platform.

Q: Tell us about your professional experience prior to joining Field Nation.

I’ve been in service management for the IT industry for over 28 years, spending a significant portion of that time with one company and culminating as a Regional Director for Service Delivery. My role revolved around SLA-driven business, managing multiple accounts across several states, and aiming for top performance to meet contractual obligations and avoid penalties. It also involved 24/7 support and on-site resource management for clients.

Q: How does your past experience impact your current role?

Having been in technicians’ shoes, I understand the importance of clear, specific work orders for successful first-time fixes. My background helps me guide our providers and buyers towards better matches and outcomes.

Q: What made you decide to join Field Nation?

The work culture is incredible. It’s collaborative, and the senior leadership team is genuinely engaged and supportive of feedback. I love how our efforts in evolving the way we look at skills and network development pave the way for new company milestones.

Q: What project at Field Nation are you most proud of?

Definitely Skills Discovery…that’s the title for our project to evolve our skills identification and provider attribution. When I joined, we had about five skills categories listed, and now we’re at over 30…with nearly 100 individual skills identified. 

I’m also proud of my involvement in a significant project last year that achieved a record gross transaction value in one month.  I was really connected to that project as it leveraged quite a bit of my field service experience to help the buyer achieve their goals.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

As a Network Development Manager, my days are filled with reviewing campaign statuses, attending meetings on skills discovery, and assisting with new opportunities for our enterprise clients.

Q: What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I’m deeply rooted in my family, having cherished a strong marriage for over three decades and nurturing two sons who are as passionate about sports as I am about guiding them. Coaching their teams has been a fulfilling journey, witnessing their growth both on and off the field.

Beyond the sidelines, I find exhilaration in attending punk rock shows, where the music pulsates with a rebellious spirit that resonates with me and keeps me feeling young. I also enjoy taking advantage of all that Michigan has to offer for outdoor activities.  Hunting, Fishing, Golfing, Trail Riding, or just going on a simple walk rejuvenates my spirit and rekindles my appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.


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