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Reduce costs, not quality

Access a flexible workforce that reduces labor costs today, without adding customer experience headaches as you scale.


See the true cost of IT field service labor

Field service labor costs are complicated. This infographic can help – it compares the cost of W2s and 1099s in two different ways: per work order and annually. See the math for yourself.


Learn more about cost savings with Field Nation

Make your budget work harder by taking full advantage of the operational efficiencies Field Nation can provide. Reduce labor costs up to 40% and field more of the work you want, without increasing overhead as you scale.


How can you measure the savings? Let us count the ways:






fill rate


We helped cut their costs by 30%

How big of a difference can on-demand, field-ready technicians make to your bottom line? Find out how one IT service provider used Field Nation to double capacity, expand revenue, and slash overhead in a matter of months.


Cost-saving secrets, straight from the field

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Win on cost. Win on quality. Win in 2023.

For businesses, Cost, Quality

Reliance on traditional labor models has left field service leaders in a precarious position when considering cost versus quality. Luckily, there is another option to add to their toolbelt: on-demand labor.

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Win on cost, win on quality, win in 2023: How (and why) field service leaders should leverage on-demand labor

For businesses, Cost, Growth, Quality, Coverage, Retail

Current market conditions put field service leaders in a bind. They need to watch costs with unprecedented care to keep their margins from disappearing. At the same time, they need to provide a quality service experience to stay competitive. By leveraging trusted on-demand technicians, field service companies can reduce costs, expand their coverage, and ensure the quality of service that keeps their clients coming back with new work.


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Winning through volatility: How field service companies should respond to present market uncertainty

For businesses, Field Intel, Cost, Industry Trends, Retail

To guide field service leaders through current market volatility, we've dug into data from the millions of field service jobs completed on our platform. We've cultivated insights to help you understand the drivers of market volatility and learnings from previous periods of economic uncertainty. And we've developed three concrete strategies to help you survive (and thrive) in the here and now.

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