COVID-19 Technician Updates

Everything technicians need to know about COVID-19 as it relates to Field Nation.

Safety is our top priority

Field Nation is taking extra steps to ensure our communities, partners, employees, and users stay safe and healthy. Please check back regularly for updates.

When to remove yourself from a work order

We recommend removing yourself from a work order immediately if you:

are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with COVID-19

have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or have traveled through an affected area

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Work order removal policies

As of Friday, August 21, 2020, Field Nation has reinstated the cancellation policy. However, Field Nation will not penalize late work order provider removals related to COVID-19. Please remember to provide detailed notes in the “Provide Explanation” section when reporting “I can’t make it to my assignment.” Field Nation’s support team will review, validate, and monitor any abuse of COVID-19-specific provider cancellations.

Service Company swap request

In the event you need to swap the service provider on a work order, we request that you request swaps before the confirmation window of the work order begins. 

Please note that if a swap is denied or a buyer does not respond to the request, sending the swapped service provider is considered ‘sending an unauthorized person to site’ and may result in a quality infraction.

Work order cancellations

From March 16 to April 5, Field Nation saw a spike in work order cancellations due to COVID-19 concerns. This issue led us to temporarily suspend our cancellation policy to help both sides of our marketplace handle any unexpected changes or safety concerns related to the pandemic.

Over several months, we closely monitored site availability and safety, state and local closures, cancellation and provider removal rates, and the COVID-19 trajectory provided by the WHO and CDC.

Spikes in cancellations from the most impacted weeks of COVID-19 have stabilized, and Field Nation reinstated our cancellation policy on August 21, 2020. While our cancellation policy remains largely the same, we have instituted some new policies, noted in our Cancellation Policy Reinstatement FAQs.

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Staying safe on-site

Before going on-site, evaluate whether or not your personal safety and well-being are at risk. If it’s safe to go on-site, follow our on-site safety tips and recommendations. Additionally, always remember to:

Wash your hands before, during, and after your work order

Wear a well-fitted mask and avoid touching your face

Disinfect any surfaces or equipment you’re working with

Putting technician safety first

Improved work order details

Field Nation has asked our clients to provide clear expectations of a worksite location and conditions so you can evaluate how the site may impact your personal safety, e.g. whether or not you can practice social distancing, whether you have access to a restroom to wash your hands, whether or not there has been a confirmed COVID-19 case, etc.


Off-peak hours

We’ve asked clients to schedule work orders when sites are not heavily populated, if possible. If you are uncomfortable going to highly populated work sites, request that the buyer approve time windows that include off-peak hours.

Accepting photos over signatures

In an effort to promote social distancing, we’ve asked all clients to consider accepting photos for work order completion instead of signatures. This would prevent you from needing to hand your phone to on-site managers.

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Health Check task

To help keep our communities safe, Field Nation has added a task to every work order that asks you to confirm whether or not you have any symptoms of COVID-19, as defined by the CDC. After you note that you’re on your way to the site, check off the Health Check task. This task will not prevent you from setting your ETA or completing any other pre-site tasks.

Technician resources

Restrictions and mask mandates

The New York Times is maintaining a list of Coronavirus restrictions and mask mandates for all 50 states. If you do not wear a mask to a work order in an area with a mask mandate, the buyer can cancel the work order.

PPP loans

The deadline to apply for the second round of Paycheck Protection Program loan funding is March 31, 2021. Many contractors and sole proprietors are eligible to apply for a maximum loan amount of $20,833. Learn more about whether you’re eligible for a PPP loan and how to apply.


As you likely know, vaccine eligibility and distribution varies significantly by state. Field Nation recommends Littler’s statewide vaccination plans page to find up-to-date and thorough information about your state’s vaccine distribution plans.