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Field Nation COVID-19 Policy Updates

Due to COVID-19, Field Nation has updated its current policies and procedures to support our community during this time. These policies are currently considered a temporary measure and are expected to be reviewed when the crisis is over.


From March 16 to April 5, Field Nation saw a spike in work order cancellations due to COVID-19 concerns. This issue led us to temporarily suspend our cancellation policy to help both sides of our marketplace handle any unexpected changes or safety concerns related to the pandemic.


Over the past several months, we’ve closely monitored site availability and safety, state and local closures, cancellation and provider removal rates, and the COVID-19 trajectory provided by the WHO and CDC.


Spikes in cancellations from the most impacted weeks of COVID-19 have stabilized, and therefore, Field Nation reinstated the cancellation policy on August 21, 2020. While our cancellation policy remains largely the same, we have instituted some new policies, noted in our Cancellation Policy Reinstatement FAQs.

Work Order Removals

As of Friday, August 21, 2020, Field Nation has reinstated the cancellation policy. However, Field Nation will not penalize late work order provider removals related to COVID-19. Please remember to provide detailed notes in the “Provide Explanation” section when reporting “I can’t make it to my assignment.” Field Nation’s support team will review, validate, and monitor any abuse of COVID-19-specific provider cancellations.

COVID-19 Exposure Concerns

If a buyer confirms a positive case of COVID-19 at a client site, buyers are to connect with providers who potentially were impacted or exposed to COVID-19 on a client site.

If a buyer informs Field Nation that there has been potential exposure to COVID-19 at a client site, would providers who performed on-site work be automatically be removed (temporarily deactivated) from Field Nation?

  • No. The buyers should contact providers through the work order message should there be any potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • Field Nation will not notify the providers on the client’s behalf.

If a buyer informs a provider that there has been potential exposure to COVID-19 at a client site, what steps should the provider take?

  • Since Field Nation is not the employer of the provider, and it is up to the provider to determine next steps.
  • We cannot forcefully deactivate a provider’s account, but providers are made aware their account can be temporarily deactivated without penalty.
  • In some instances, the provider may want to self-quarantine and keep their account active so that they may still accept work after their self-quarantine.

What happens if a provider is assigned to a work order and needs to be removed due to COVID-19 health concerns?

  • The provider is to work with the buyer to remove themselves from the work order.

How does the buyer get informed if a provider is assigned to a work order and needs to be removed due to COVID-19 health concerns?

  • We recommend buyers look at the flightboard to review work orders that have reverted into draft status and reassign those.
  • We recommend buyers stay up to date on notifications and messages to adjust quickly if/when there are provider changes.

Does Field Nation do anything to assist in backfilling the work order?

  • Whenever a work order is published, Field Nation automatically connects with providers in that area to inform them that the work order is available.
  • If your request goes unanswered after 15 minutes, you can report a problem of “I can’t find a provider” at the work order level.

Has Field Nation done anything on the Work Order level in regards to COVID-19?

To help keep our communities safe, Field Nation has added a Health Check task to every work order that asks the provider to confirm whether or not they have any symptoms of COVID-19, as defined by the CDC. After the provider notes that they’re on their way to the site, they check off the Health Check task. This task will not prevent the provider from setting their ETA or completing any other pre-site tasks.

Provider Temporary Marketplace Restriction

Providers who have either been confirmed with COVID-19, or are concerned that they may be exposed or at-risk can be temporarily disabled on Field Nation with no penalty. To protect the provider’s privacy, this information is not available externally.

Travel Documentation

Providers will need to work with the buyer directly to draft any necessary travel letters/determine what should be done with the currently assigned work if you are in a state that has restrictions on travel/work. Some work orders may be considered exempt from stay-at-home orders.

Rate Adjustments

What is Field Nation’s stance on rate adjustments or counteroffers during the COVID-19 crisis? As a marketplace, Field Nation does not prescribe rates for work conducted on the platform. Our software functionality allows the buyer and provider to actively negotiate the rates based on a number of factors. We recommend both parties take COVID-19 into consideration when posting and requesting work.