Getting Started Guide for Technicians

Add a profile photo

A photo increases your likelihood to get work by 38%. Profile photos are sometimes required for onsite badging, and secure worksites.

Choose a photo that is:

  • Recent
  • Focused on your face
  • Positioned against a neutral background
  • Professional
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hello my name is john

Tell your story

The “about me” section summarizes everything you’ve included in your profile. Convince prospective clients that you are the best technician for your job by highlighting your experience and value.

Example: Seasoned technician with over 10 years experience installing, maintaining and decommissioning telecom equipment for financial institutions.

Identify your types of work

The type of work you have on your profile will determine which work orders are available to you. We recommend listing your top 3 types of work to start with. 

Examples of types of work include: ATM machines, Audio Visual, Alarm & Security, Desktop & Laptop, Electricians, Fiber Optic Cabling, Kiosk, Low Voltage Cabling, Merchandising Assets, Networking, Point of Sale, Printer, Server, Retail Fixtures and Displays, Telecom 

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come say hello green hand

Highlight Your Skills

A profile with skills listed is 63% more likely to get work. Skillsets are more specific types of work and show potential clients exactly what you can do. Clients often filter their technician search results to only display those with the skills they are looking for. We encourage you to fill out all of your relevant skill sets, usually 20-50, so you can show up in more search results. 

List your tools and equipment

Technicians who list their tools are 67% more likely to get work. The more equipment you list, the more jobs you appear qualified for. For example, if a client is looking for a technician with a 10-foot ladder, listing this on your profile may be the deciding factor for choosing you for the job.


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Showcase your certifications & licenses

Certifications & licenses are often requirements for certain jobs that can determine whether or not you get selected. Uploading and maintaining current certifications and licenses will make you stand out to clients and help you establish credibility.

Highlight your employment history

The employment history section is your online resume to showcase your work experience. We highly recommend you:

  • Include your most relevant job information
  • Put your work history in chronological order
  • Highlight job duties for the work you want to do
  • Make it easy to read 
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