Flexible Labor Networks

Choose who you work with using flexible labor networks. From marketplace access to W2 employees, we have all your labor needs covered.
Map showing service coverage

Field Nation Marketplace

Using our marketplace, over 100,000 highly skilled service providers search and find work across the country.

  • Filter by location, skills, or experience
  • Review pricing insights to understand local market rates
  • Grow skillsets and service lines, or enter into new geographic territories
  • Create new work relationships

Vendor Networks

We can help clients maintain valuable relationships with existing vendors and service providers. Clients can upload their existing service providers to a custom vendor network.

  • Onboard vendors easily
  • Access operational data in one place
  • Field Nation handles tax documentation and payments, eliminating paperwork

Private W2 Networks

Field Nation can also host W2 workforces so clients can easily manage and schedule work.  

  • Keep all employment data in one place
  • Easily manage calendars and scheduling between W2 and contract employees
  • Pay and file tax documents from a single source

Preferred Groups

Save high-quality service providers by creating preferred groups from the marketplace.

  • Route work orders to specific service providers
  • Create groups based on specific skill sets
  • Publish private work orders to a select group of service providers
We've got the flexible coverage just where you need it