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Maintaining a steady income: Meet Nathaniel Wells

September 19, 2019



In 2018, Nathaniel’s job was eliminated, and he was stuck. He needed to find a way to feed his kids and support his family. He joined a company that started using Field Nation to get work done, and ultimately, this ended up being a new way he could maintain a steady income. Nathaniel has been working with technology throughout his career. He’s skilled in audio-visual, point of sale, installations, and break-fix services. 

“Technology is my passion and I have been working with it all my life.”

Since starting on Field Nation, Nathaniel has maintained a successful workflow as an independent contractor. 

Growing a network of clients 

Growing a book of business as a contractor is tough, especially at the very start. Once you become your own boss, you begin to realize how much time and money is lost on administrative tasks. This can be discouraging. Thankfully, using an online marketplace like Field Nation can help you automate some of these tasks and connect you with opportunities.

Not only did Field Nation enable Nathaniel to find new work, but it also helped him broaden his point of view. “The cool thing about Field Nation is it broadens your scope and your world perspective. Your mindset shifts from ‘the only people I ever talk to are in 10-mile radius’ to, ‘I might be talking to someone in California or New York today.’”  

Field Nation also opened the door for Nathaniel to work with a large variety of companies, both large and small, without having to navigate organizational politics. He likes the ability to go in, get work done, and be reimbursed based on his performance.  

“I am not stuck with one organization on Field Nation, I get access to all types and levels of organizations.”

One year after joining Field Nation, Nathaniel has created strong relationships with clients he now works with on a regular basis. This freedom has helped Nathaniel expand his skillset, enter new geographies, and connect with more clients. 

Learning new skills

If Nathaniel found a job he wanted but wasn’t ready for, he would take initiative to fill in his knowledge gaps. Instead of forgetting about the work orders he couldn’t accept yet, he would find online resources to strengthen his skill set and prepare him for the job. This led him to expand his work types and take on new projects with success. 

Learning how to think on the fly, educate yourself, and prepare for a job is crucial. This leads to higher success rates and better reviews from clients. Plus, by experiencing new challenges, you can gain motivation. 

“I failed but I failed fast and recovered quickly.” 

By learning from his mistakes and taking initiative, Nathaniel maintains a 90%+ success rate. 

Growing with Field Nation

Nathaniel’s favorite platform feature is the ability to counter-offer. He gets to go through and choose which work orders fit his schedule, skillset, and pay rate. However, if there is a condition in the work order that is causing him to not request it, he can always counter-offer and ask for a change. For example, if a work order is priced too low but he would be prepared to take on the job otherwise, he can counter-offer and negotiate with the client to see if he can increase the pay. This allows Nathaniel to ensure he is paid fairly for his work and take on more jobs.

“I believe in what Field Nation is doing and I am happy to be a part of it. It helps me grow and mature as a professional.” 

Nathaniel is excited to continue expanding his skillset and geographical footprint alongside Field Nation. The freedom and support he finds on the platform is a catalyst for his growth. He can automate tasks, find job opportunities, and most importantly, support his family. 

“Field Nation hears me and listens to me, and loyalty goes both ways. The Field Nation staff is always right there when I need them, but I don’t need them much.”  

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