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Platform Management Partner Program

Maximize your capacity with on-demand resources from a network of trusted Platform Management Partners

Give your ops team plug-and-play capacity

If you turn to on-demand labor to scale up and down with client demand, you’re not alone. Now, with the help of Field Nation’s Platform Management Partner Program, you can also extend this variable cost model to your operations function — with on-demand resources to support scoping work, vetting & confirming technicians for site, reviewing deliverables, and/or approving work. Our partners can be engaged for short-term projects, or for long-term engagements across your entire organization.

"After Worldlink Integration Group engaged a service partner, we reduced the time spent on project coordination by over 80%, increased our capacity with 78% annual growth in work order volume, and reduced labor costs by approximately 15%."


John Fecteau

How it works

We’ll work with you to find the best Platform Management Partner for your business need. Once a partner is chosen, they can support a single project, or act as a long-term extension of your team. Our partners can help you scope your work, vet and confirm talent for site, review deliverables, and/or approve work based on your requirements. However, you remain in control over what they can access and the functions they can perform.

Our partners are platform superheroes

Our network of Platform Management Partners are highly trained on Field Nation, know the ins and out of vetting and sourcing talent, and understand how to deliver quality service. A few of their other capabilities include:

  • Project scoping (creating projects, templates, analyzing pay rates, etc.)
  • Talent management (vetting, assigning, scheduling, and confirming technicians)
  • Reviewing and/or approving deliverables (based on your predetermined criteria)


Interested in a capacity boost?

If you’re interested in learning more about how Field Nation’s Platform Management Partner Program could support your business, let’s chat.


How do we measure success? The numbers tell the story:


work orders completed annually


sites serviced in U.S. and Canada


success rate for completed work

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