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Automated package-holding lockers installed internationally

After winning the bid to install thousands of automated lockers at various residential, retail, and commercial properties, a leading MSP relied on its partnership with Field Nation to support this multi-year, international project.


total work orders


fulfillment rate

< 1 day

avg time to assignment


927 cities across the U.S. and Canada



3 years (and counting)


Housing, hospitality, retail, and education



On-site technology, project, and managed service provider supporting a leading package management OEM.


  • Access control installation
  • Automated locker system installation
  • A/V installation
  • Low-voltage cable pulling & installation
  • Low-voltage cable termination
  • Desktop/laptop configuration & troubleshooting


Orchestrate international access control deployment

An on-site technology provider was selected by a leading package management OEM to install their automated lockers across thousands of international locations:

  • The complexity of this multi-year deployment required a partner who could provide transparent and reliable on-site coordination across diverse end locations including luxury apartments, student housing, and other commercial or retail properties.
  • This provider needed technicians who could balance client demands, site-specific requirements, and logistical hurdles while maintaining high standards of professionalism and service quality.


On-demand labor using a labor marketplace

Both the service provider and their end client have experienced efficient, discreet, and top-tier installation services throughout this automated locker installation project.

Field Nation, the #1 labor marketplace for IT field services, offers access to a nationwide network of skilled, on-demand IT technicians that companies can trust to do great work.


Scalability, efficiency, and on-site quality

Rapid response times

Requests for technicians were fulfilled at a rate of 97% for this project. On average, those skilled techs were vetted and selected to complete work in under a day of job details posted on the marketplace. This has included 900+ cities across 49 states and 4 Canadian territories.

Quality work outcomes

Independent technicians found on the marketplace showcased their expertise, earning an average 4.9-star rating throughout the project, reflecting white glove service and their ability to execute complex access control installations across residential and retail locations.

Operational efficiency

7000+ work orders have closed since partnering with Field Nation to find and dispatch quality technicians. At an average of 200+ WO completed each month, this consistent volume is made manageable with platform features including selection rules, activity reports, integrations, and more.

See how Field Nation can support your next access control installation project