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CEO of Field Nation wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award

December 11, 2020


Mynul Khan, CEO of Field Nation, wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Silver

Field services, and the way work gets done, has changed forever thanks to innovators like Mynul Khan, Founder and CEO of Field Nation. The field service community has accepted Field Nation’s agile and on-demand workforce model — forged by Mynul Khan in 2008. Over the last year, Field Nation posted over one million work orders, creating over one billion dollars in opportunities across the U.S. and Canada. Today, Mynul Khan accepts an Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Silver, from CEO World Awards.

Mynul Khan’s Acceptance Speech:

I’m dedicating this award to my Field Nation team for their tireless efforts to make big things happen. -Mynul Khan

Full transcript:

Hello, everyone. My name is Mynul Khan, founder and CEO of Field Nation.

I’m incredibly honored to receive this award. Field Nation has been thriving for the last 12 years — breaking the barriers to work, and changing the way field service work gets done. Our platform has connected thousands of companies with tens of thousands of independent technicians — creating over $1B in opportunities all over the U.S. and Canada.

To accomplish this, we’ve completely changed the legacy paradigm of field service to be a new, more agile, and on-demand labor model. We’ve been inspired and accepted by the entire field service community. They are the reason we’ve been able to create and support a change of this magnitude.

This also would not be possible without a world-class team at Field Nation. I owe all of this success, now and in the future, to my team. So I’m dedicating this award to my Field Nation team for their tireless efforts to make big things happen. Thank you.


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