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Field service trends and predictions for 2022

Hear Wael Mohammed, EVP of Strategy at Field Nation, unpack the trends driving volatility in costs and demand across work types, industries, and regions.

April 21, 2022


In this webinar, we’ll arm you with the information you need to stay one step ahead of these unpredictable market shifts. With data mined from millions of work orders, we’ll discuss:

Growth opportunities

Actions you can take now to capitalize on growth trends while minimizing costs.

Field service costs

How the current market affects field service costs (labor, travel, and equipment).

Work types

Which work types, industries, and regions are growing, and which are stagnant.


Watch now

Service leaders responsible for on-site work know that market dynamics over the past 12 months have been impossible to follow and even harder to predict. Demand is reaching record highs. Labor, equipment, and travel costs are rising at an accelerated pace.


The compound impact creates a challenging dilemma for service leaders: how can they respond to demand and keep costs in check without data to back their decisions?


Wael Mohammed

Wael Mohammed has been in the IT services industry for more than 27 years. He has held leadership roles in startups and large enterprises, including SPS Commerce, IBM, and Target. Wael is currently the Executive Vice President of Strategy at Field Nation and oversees product management, product design, and data science. He is a master in identifying product and market growth opportunities, taking new products to market, and maximizing product performance.

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