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Getting paid fast: meet Francisco D

October 2, 2018


Like many technicians, Francisco saw his life change overnight when COVID-19 caused the economy to grind to a screeching halt in March of 2020. 

An electrician by trade, Francisco had been employed full-time for five years before getting laid off due to the pandemic – at which point he joined Field Nation.

“I’ve been working every day for the last six months and making great money,”

Francisco said. “I love it.” 

When Francisco heard about Field Nation Pro, a premium tier that offers technicians access to more work, faster pay, and better opportunities, he was most excited about On-Demand Pay. With On-Demand Pay, technicians can get paid right away on any approved work order regardless of when buyers pay Field Nation. 

“I upgraded to Pro on a Saturday, and on Monday, I had money in my account,”

Francisco said. “I know I could get paid every day if I wanted, but I like to wait until Friday so it’s a bigger number.” 

He also liked that a background check and drug test were included with Pro, and that he’d receive free screenings every 12 months.

“I did my screenings right after I signed up on Field Nation, and within a week, I was getting work,” Francisco shared. “Even though I won’t need to use the voucher I get from Pro right away, it’s nice to know I’ll have it when I need it.”