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Finding variety in work: Meet Jessica Fox

November 19, 2018


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Solving puzzles has always interested Jessica Fox. Her military family first introduced her to the complex world of technology. Today, Jessica is part of the blended workforce bringing her problem-solving expertise to organizations.


Jessica Fox graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in fashion marketing and management. Jessica went on to work in the fast-paced world of retail for seven years. After spending many nights and weekends at the stores and missing important family events, Jessica said ‘yes’ when her roommate, a telecom contractor, asked her to assist on a cable job.

After her first taste of telecommunications work, she was hooked. She was introduced to an on-demand workforce platform that allowed her to apply for jobs in nearby locations to free up her schedule. Today she is at all of her daughter’s soccer games.

Jumping in takes a community

Success is rarely achieved without help and perseverance. Luckily, Jessica had both and developed the skills she would need to succeed in this next chapter of her career.

“It’s amazing how everyone in this industry helps one another to succeed,”

states Jessica. “It wasn’t scary, and I simply jumped in. I soon found out that the tech community in Charleston is very supportive. We often exchange phone numbers to be on-call to help out one another anytime.”

Taking control of her career

Jessica is tech-savvy by nature, having learned many of these skills in high school and used them throughout her retail career. After two weeks working in the field, she had honed her skills and was ready to take on her first solo job.

“Initially I took jobs to gain experience and reviews. My goal was to work every day to build my profile and accolades,”

states Jessica.

Variety is the spice of life and Jessica lives this out by taking on a wide array of jobs across the Charleston area. Her goal is to please the people she is working for, most often by getting their network up and running again.

Applause-worthy work

“I was called into a job to fix a down network at a training center. When I arrived, there were dozens of real estate agents in the lobby just waiting for their class to restart. I quickly located the cause, replaced the switch, and had them back in the classroom in no time. When I walked out, they stood and clapped for me. It’s not often one experiences this level of appreciation, and I won’t soon forget it,” shared Jessica.

Another day, she was off to a hotel. Their front desk phone wasn’t working, a necessity for their business. Jessica tracked their cabling into the back room and immediately saw the issue. Using the tools and materials she had brought along, she quickly restored phone service and made sure all systems and equipment were functioning properly before departing. The front desk staff were very grateful, as Jessica had restored this important connection to their customers.

“It’s amazing how everyone in this industry helps one another to succeed. We often exchange phone numbers to be on-call to help out one another anytime.”

Experience breeds better jobs

Jessica was soon able to become more selective about the jobs she would take as her positive reviews increased. Today, customers often reach out to her directly when a network emergency occurs.

“My schedule remains full and I rarely need to leave Charleston, the jobs here are well-paying and plentiful. With just one exception, all of my jobs over the years have been wonderful opportunities that span many different types of organizations. It’s never the same day twice, and I like it that way,” states Jessica.

Always be prepared

When Jessica accepts a job, she does her homework.

“Before I go onsite I check to make sure I have everything on the material list, and if not, I run to the store.”

She also studies the scope of work to be sure she understands the deliverables and environment.

On her first day on the job, she is confident that she has the tools, materials, and troubleshooting knowhow to address the customer’s need.

Welcoming diversity

Technicians are predominately male, but Jessica is hoping to change that image and become a role model for her daughter and other women. With only one other female tech in her area, customers aren’t used to women running cable and fixing their network issues. However, it isn’t long before they see that she is more than capable.

“I am just as capable as my peers. At one location, another male tech and I were doing the same job. After three hours I had successfully completed the task, while he was still going. I enjoy customers that give everyone a chance to succeed and welcome a diverse workforce,” explains Jessica.

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