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Going Pro: meet Keith W.

February 1, 2019


Keith W. has used the platform through several turns and pivots in his career. After many years in sales, his industry suffered in the 2008 recession and several years later he joined Field Nation to supplement his income. His background in electrical work came in handy as he picked up small gigs here and there while his sales job cycled up and down.

Finally, burned out with sales, Keith made a career switch and moved into data center work. With his troubleshooting experience, technical aptitude, and background in math and engineering, he stood out among other technicians and enjoyed plenty of job opportunities.

When another slow spell hit, Keith again circled back to electrical work. He spent some time juggling Field Nation, his own electrical business, and union work, and it eventually all came together in a fantastic lead through the platform. A major client noticed Keith’s unusual combination of skills and experience and contacted him.

“I started with two jobs a month, then the next month I got a job every week, and it just skyrocketed from there.”

Today, Keith has a steady pipeline of work from one consistent client on Field Nation. This makes up the majority of his business, which he rounds out with his own clients. He’s invested in tools, equipment, insurance, and business services and runs a thriving full-fledged independent IT operation.

When Field Nation Pro was introduced, Keith was one of the first technicians to upgrade to this premium tier, which offers faster payment and easier access to opportunities.

“Once I saw how it worked, I was all in.” 

Keith wishes SmartMatch, a Pro feature that sends notifications when work is published that matches your exact criteria, had been available in his early days on the app.

“SmartMatch makes sense because sometimes it’s a matter of timing – it’s who gets to home plate first. If you don’t hit that request button early enough, then you’re out.”

In addition to SmartMatch, Keith likes the On-Demand Pay feature – which allows technicians to get paid right away on any approved work order. In fact, he likes it so much that the Pro upgrade is well worth it for him.

“On-Demand Pay is the bomb. I don’t have to worry about any strain in my cash flow and can focus entirely on my work.”  

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