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Labor platforms connect businesses and skilled IT professionals

April 10, 2023


The availability of digital labor platforms has increased fivefold in the last 10 years, and contractors and businesses are widely adopting the platforms.  

According to MBO Partners’ State of Independence in America Report 2022, 4 in 10 (41%) independents who provide services to businesses reported finding work on labor platforms, up from 15% in 2015 and just 3% in 2012. Labor platforms make independent contractors more accessible and easier to source for businesses.  


Businesses that leverage labor platforms gain a competitive advantage 

The fast increase in platform usage by IT field contractors creates a large talent pool where businesses can find the high-quality IT professionals they need. These platforms offer an ideal solution for service delivery leaders looking for:

  • Highly experienced IT field service professionals: Over 67% of  independent contractors on labor platforms have been doing on-site IT work for over a decade, making it easier for hiring managers to find experienced professionals to support their work.
  • Access to IT contractors who are trained and certified: Platforms make it easy for contractors to highlight their specific skills and certifications so hiring managers can zero in on the skill sets they’re looking for. Technicians that use platforms are highly skilled, with 3 in 4 reporting formal IT-related training and education, and 3 in 5 reporting an IT-related certification. 
  • Contractors are highly engaged and satisfied with their work: Job satisfaction rates are high for users in the study, with 4 out of 5 IT field service independent contractors signaling satisfaction with their current work and almost all expressing interest in more independent contract work.


Here to stay – contractors are committed to growth and new opportunities 

IT field service contractors on the Field Nation platform are highly skilled professionals who make contract work their career of choice. A majority of these contractors—64%—have been contracting for more than 5 years. Almost all of them have added to their range of skills since they started on the platform.   

When asked for reasons that might compel them to stop contracting, a full 39% of IT field contractors cited “retirement” as their main reason, indicating an “all-in” attitude for a large number of contractors. From early-stage career growth to a healthy retirement, contractors use labor platforms to advance their careers, project-by-project, with an eye on longevity. 

For more information on how independent contracting is changing the field services landscape, download our full report on The State of Independent Contracting in Field Services.”


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