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Getting 3x more work: meet Roman R

October 1, 2018


As a business major with a diverse technical background, Roman Reubens joined Field Nation in 2019 because he liked the flexibility of the gig economy and wanted an opportunity to put his broad skill set to work.

Before upgrading to Field Nation Pro, a premium tier that offers technicians access to more work, faster pay, and better opportunities, Roman was starting to get bigger, more lucrative assignments – but it was a slow evolution.

“Before Pro, there was a lot of competition. When I would try and bid on work orders, by the time I would see the notification, the work was no longer available,”

Roman said. “If my request was accepted, the job would start in 30 minutes and I’d have to scramble.”

Missing out on work and getting hit with last-minute requests were making it hard for Roman to proactively plan his workday, let alone his workweek. When Roman heard about Field Nation Pro, he was most interested in the SmartMatch feature, which allows the platform to automatically send push notifications for work that meets your specific criteria.

And now that he’s been using SmartMatch for over a month, he’s seeing Pro pay off in more ways than one. “Now that I’m on Pro, I don’t have to fight for work,” Roman shared. “I’ve gotten three times more work as a member of Pro, and I have more control over my schedule.”

When asked if his Pro experience was providing value, Roman responded

“Pro has already paid for itself with the $500 work order it got me. It’s definitely worth it.”

To learn more, check out the Field Nation Pro webpage or read the Pro FAQs.