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Tracking mileage: Meet Scott B.

February 11, 2019


Scott B. has worked on the Field Nation platform since 2014. Providing Smart Hands services to clients in the Atlanta area, he specializes in point-of-sale systems and structured cabling. 

Scott described how he works closely with his clients’ remote staff. Often, he acts as “their eyes and ears,” traveling frequently to work on-site.

To more easily and accurately track his mileage to job sites, he began using the TripLog mileage tracking feature when it was first introduced. TripLog is part of Field Nation Pro, a premium service for technicians that offers faster payment and better access to opportunities.

TripLog allows technicians to automatically record their mileage using GPS tracking within the Field Nation app. Technicians can also enter their mileage manually after a job is completed.

Independent contractors can use TripLog to claim a mileage deduction on their federal income taxes. This year, the standard deduction is $0.56 per mile.

“Prior to using TripLog, I would write my mileage down on a piece of paper. I tried to tally my mileage each week or month, but I know I was leaving money on the table,” Scott said.

He highlighted the importance and convenience of automated mileage tracking.

“TripLog definitely helps me be more efficient in claiming my mileage deduction. I really appreciate seeing where I’m going for a job and automatically tracking my mileage — within the same platform!”

To learn more about TripLog, check out the Field Nation Pro webpage or read our FAQs.


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