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Stories from the Field: Brian Smith

April 2, 2024


From starting out as a young apprentice in his father’s alarm company to becoming the founder of an IT and security solutions company, Brian Smith, an independent and licensed low-voltage cabling technician, has a story that truly stands out. Today, Brian leverages Field Nation to find work and elevate his field service business to new heights. Here’s a glimpse into Brian’s remarkable journey and how Field Nation has become an integral part of his success.

Early beginnings

“My story’s a bit unique,” Brian reflects. “I started working for my dad, and by the time I was 13, he was running his own company. I was the kid that hung around the shop…that’s where I started learning the business.” This early exposure to the field service industry shaped Brian’s career path and instilled a passion for the trade that would last a lifetime.

The field service industry has undergone significant changes over the years, a transformation Brian has witnessed firsthand. “I’ve been around the industry long enough to recognize how technology has changed the industry,” he says. By continuously honing his skills and knowledge, Brian has learned to embrace change, including learning how to work with sophisticated modern day IT systems.

A typical day

In 2018, Brian took a pivotal step by forming his field service company, Smarter Technologies. This move was not just about starting a business; it was about creating a platform for innovation and excellence in the field services industry.

As a business owner managing three different teams, Brian’s day is a mix of leadership, networking, and hands-on work. “I still go out on jobs…I like troubleshooting. No environment is the same,” he shares. This hands-on approach keeps Brian connected to his roots and provides valuable training opportunities for his team.

Since 2017, Brian has used Field Nation to find projects and build relationships with buyers. “Pulling jobs from Field Nation helps me establish consistency for my business,” he explains. The platform enables Brian to find opportunities that fit his company’s skill set, ensuring a good match between the service provided and the client’s needs.

Advice for newcomers

Brian offers key advice for those starting out in the field service industry: “The hardest part of getting started is actually getting started. When you select your first Work Order, read everything in the scope of work so you are fully prepared. ” He emphasizes the importance of building relationships, being open to training opportunities, and documenting everything. “Buyers like to see motivated and well-informed technicians. Those are the ones they want,” Brian advises.

A partnership for growth

Reflecting on his experience with the Field Nation platform, Brian appreciates the operational efficiency it brings to his business. “You want some consistency in your business and that’s what Field Nation is good at,” he says. This collaboration has allowed Smarter Technologies to focus on what they do best, providing top-notch field services across various locations.

Through his leadership at Smarter Technologies and his strategic use of Field Nation, Brian has carved out a successful niche in the rapidly evolving field service landscape. Brian’s story is proof that with the right approach, growth and success are well within reach. Connect with skilled technicians like Brian for your next project, or if  you’re an independent technician who’s ready to find work on the #1 labor marketplace for IT field services, create your profile on Field Nation today! 


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