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Stories from the field: Amy Thomas

January 11, 2024


Independent technicians require several qualities for success including adaptability, a willingness to learn, and the ability to solve problems. Amy, a field service technician who uses Field Nation to find and complete work, uses all of these qualities to thrive on the labor marketplace.

Before becoming an independent technician on Field Nation, Amy spent nearly 10 years at Dell working in customer service, training, web development. Then, she earned her CompTIA A/Network+ certifications, allowing her to explore the world of field services. Soon after earning her certification, Amy turned to Field Nation. “I heard about Field Nation, gave it a try, and never looked back. It was a turning point in my career,” Amy shares.

A day in the life 

Amy’s day-to-day is anything but typical. From setting up networks and refreshing equipment to pulling cables and installing phone systems, variety defines her daily routine. “I don’t have a typical day,” Amy explains, “and that’s what keeps things exciting.” 

Amy values the work/life balance she achieves with Field Nation, and she feels grateful to do work she truly enjoys. “When I go to work, it doesn’t even feel like work,” Amy explains, “it feels like recess where I play with interesting toys and tools.” 

Mastering troubleshooting techniques

When it comes to troubleshooting, Amy sees an opportunity to use problem solving to overcome challenges. “Troubleshooting often requires me to figure out an issue on my own,” she says. “I see myself as a natural problem solver.”

In addition to problem solving, Amy brings a variety of soft skills to each assignment. “I understand the qualities of a good technician,” Amy explains. “Staying on the job until it’s finished, understanding how to talk to clients, and understanding and respecting how clients operate are characteristics I bring to each job site.”

Advice for aspiring field service professionals

Amy’s advice for those starting a career in field services is rooted in learning and gaining experience. “Start learning, get certifications, get experience. We all start somewhere, and it’s okay not to know everything.The key is to be willing to learn,” Amy advises.

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