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Stories from the Field: Bobby Currier

May 25, 2023


Bobby Currier is not afraid of challenges. In fact, he thrives on them.

Bobby is always looking for new ways to test his skills and expand his horizons. In his spare time, he’s an avid outdoorsman and old car enthusiast, demonstrating his adventurous spirit.

Bobby has been a technician since 1995, working in various fields such as telecommunications, structured cabling, POS installation, and more.

As a field superintendent for an access control/security company, he regularly deals with complex and demanding projects. In his day job, he manages a team of technicians and ensures they deliver quality work on time and within budget.

He enjoys traveling for work and leisure, especially to historical places. “When the time comes to join a work assignment in a new place, it’s a win-win situation,” he says of his combined passions.

Bobby joined Field Nation as a contract technician in 2010 and has enjoyed the flexibility and variety of work opportunities ever since.

“I like the freedom to build my own schedule on Field Nation. I can work above and beyond my normal shift to enhance my family’s life,” he describes.

Bobby appreciates the autonomy to choose projects that suit his skills, interests, and schedule.

“I value the opportunity to work for myself no matter where I move,” he continues, “I typically use the extra funds I earn on Field Nation to pay for concerts, movies, investments, new tools, family trips, and to expand my hobbies.”

One of the projects Bobby is most proud of was a weekend assignment helping a customer in a tight spot “save face” with their client.

“I went above and beyond by working 24 hours the first weekend,” he explains. “The following weekend, I completed the field work and closed the ticket. My efforts put the project back on track with its completion date and hopefully, will help the company secure future work.”

Bobby’s knowledge and professionalism have earned him the respect of clients and coworkers alike.

“I enjoy mentoring junior technicians,” he concludes. “I recommend the Field Nation platform to other technicians as a way to find extra work in their time of need. I also encourage them to try out the platform to expand their skill sets and become more dynamic in the workplace. You can take a step towards self-employment when you trust your skills to meet a client’s needs.”


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