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Stories from the field: Chad Humes

February 27, 2024


Chad Humes, a dedicated independent contractor who uses Field Nation to find new projects, has forged a successful career in the industry. With over 900 completed Work Orders on Field Nation since joining in 2019, Chad brings extensive experience in audio-visual and networking. In this Stories from the Field feature, we’ll dive into Chad’s experiences, his perspective on the field service landscape, and his valuable advice for those starting their careers as a technician.

An introduction to field services

Chad’s field services journey started in IT. With prior experience as a customer service representative at a tech repair company and as a service manager at a computer store, he was no stranger to the world of technology. However, life took an unexpected turn when a car accident required him to take a step back from his mobile career and focus on recovery. “Being in an environment where you have to be on your feet a lot while recovering from such an accident was challenging,” he explained, “I knew I’d have to take some time off and take care of myself.”

During his recovery, Chad received a phone call from a technology staffing company that recognized his IT background and offered him an opportunity to complete field service work. This gave Chad the opportunity to ease back into part-time work. “I had an IT background and was 100% self-taught,” Chad explained. “I saw this as an opportunity to pivot my career and regain my independence.”

During this time, Chad met several field service contractors who introduced him to Field Nation, allowing him to quickly recognize the benefits of leveraging a marketplace. In April 2019, he made the leap, and became an independent contractor. This transition marked a significant turning point in his career.

A day in the life

Chad’s typical workday revolves around driving to job sites and completing assignments. He primarily works with audio/visual equipment and is often booked months in advance. While he appreciates the opportunity to work with familiar customers, he’s always open to new challenges. “Working with the same customers allows me to know what to expect, but I don’t mind trying new things,” he says.

Problem-solving on the go

Field service often means walking into unknown situations. Chad relies on his extensive experience and history to anticipate potential issues and provide quick and effective solutions. When in doubt, he also leverages helpful online resources such as Google and YouTube to quickly find solutions.

The marketplace impact

When asked about how Field Nation’s technology, systems and support have impacted his career, Chad confirms the transformation has been profound. “The marketplace experience has changed my life ten-fold. I can plan vacations, ride my Harley Davidson bike, and enjoy week-long bike trips during the summer,” he said. Chad appreciates the convenience the marketplace offers, allowing him to grab work generated by customers when needed.

Taking on commutes

Chad, who drives 45-60k miles yearly to job sites, often listens to podcasts to pass the time. He sometimes drives to job sites with his wife, who also uses Field Nation’s marketplace to find work. 

Advice for new technicians

Chad’s advice for newcomers to the field service industry is simple yet powerful: be as reliable as possible. “Show up as the best version of yourself that you can be,” he advises. “Don’t be intimidated by something new, and be willing to learn on the fly.” 

Chad’s journey to becoming a successful and reliable field service contractor is a testament to his resilience, hard work, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Want to start building your schedule and start finding work on Field Nation? Click here to sign up for your profile today! If you’re a field service company that’s in need of skilled, independent technicians for your next project, reach out to the Field Nation team.


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