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Stories from the Field: Jenny Korpalski

October 2, 2023


In the world of field services, every day is a new adventure and every job presents a unique challenge. For Jenny Korpalski, learning new skills and taking on challenges are some of the best parts of using Field Nation as a skilled technician and independent contractor.

From her beginnings as an industrial engineering enthusiast to taking on over 1,100 projects using the Field Nation app, Jenny has become a key player in the field services industry. “I love to see how things are made,” she explained, “I really gravitated to manufacturing and industrial engineering.” In 2020, Jenny signed up for Field Nation when she decided to put her passion for problem-solving and efficiency to work. 

In the world of field services, obstacles can often arise but Jenny welcomes challenges with open arms. In fact, she views every challenge as an opportunity to learn something new. “A lot of what I’ve learned has been on the job, and it’s very easy to pick up as long as you’re detail-oriented and paying attention to what clients are saying,” she advises.

When it comes to a typical day, Jenny’s morning starts off with family responsibilities. After she drops her children off at school, she’ll turn to the Field Nation app to start her work for the day. “The app is very easy to use and I usually have my day routed out,” she explains.

Jenny logs plenty of driving time throughout her day, as she typically covers around 250 miles per day and clocks in approximately 5000 miles per month. The number of work orders she takes on varies depending on assignment locations.

Jenny emphasizes the importance of strong communication skills in her line of work, particularly for technical tasks. “The strongest skill set for me is good communication and documentation, especially with technical work,” she adds. “It’s more about connectivity and making sure systems are talking to each other.”

When asked about how Field Nation has changed her professional life, Jenny notes several favorable benefits as an independent contractor. “I love setting my own schedule and having the freedom to work if I want to or just take days off,” she says. “Field Nation provides quality work with great compensation. I really get to live a very enjoyable, comfortable life.”

Jenny’s journey into field services exemplifies her determination to embrace new adventures and provide quality work. “I love taking on a new challenge,” she says. “It’s fun and exciting to learn new things.”


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