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Why does Field Nation charge 10 percent?

July 29, 2020


Technicians frequently ask us about Field Nation pricing. Why do we charge technicians 10 percent of work order value? What do the fees include?

In this blog, we’ll walk through six aspects of our marketplace that benefit technicians. 

1. Access to opportunities

By working with Field Nation, you have access to opportunities that would be difficult or impossible to find on your own. Our marketplace allows you to:

  • Find work with new companies. More than 7,000+ companies use our marketplace to find technicians. 
  • Find new types of work. You can request work assignments for over 20 service types, including networking, telecom, point of sale, cabling, and many more.
  • Market yourself without extra advertising costs. Creating a profile allows you to showcase your skills and impress potential clients. Get broad exposure without spending time or money on marketing.
  • Find more work. An average of 23,000+ work orders are posted on our marketplace weekly.
  • Gain flexibility and control. Choose to work anytime, in any location, based on your interest and schedule.

2. Technology to make work easier

Field Nation app on a smartphoneThe Field Nation app and website make it easier to find and complete work. 

Our mobile app is always up-to-date with the latest features and upgrades. The app allows you to request and manage your work, complete tasks, share updates, upload photos, message buyers, and talk to support.

On our website, you can post your profile, skills, and certifications. Plus, you can rate companies and receive endorsements for soft skills, including communication, professionalism, preparation, and problem-solving. All of our reviews are blind, so buyers can’t see your review of them before reviewing you.

Our technology is delivered by a dedicated team of engineers, product managers, and other technical employees. Nearly one-third of our employees work in product delivery. These employees are dedicated to maximizing the value of the Field Nation experience. 

3. Help whenever you need it

Being an independent technician can be challenging. But it’s easier with the Field Nation support team on your side.

Our platform allows you to communicate directly with clients to resolve simple questions or conflicts. If a conflict can’t be resolved, our team is available 24/7/365 via phone or our support portal. When things go wrong such as payment issues or approval delays, we’re here to support you.

4.  Quick background checks and drug tests

Technicians with current background and drug test screenings (completed within the last 12 months) are assigned two times more work orders and get paid twice as much than those without them.

Through Field Nation, you can request a background test, drug test, driving record check, or credit check through our platform. These screenings are ordered on your behalf through Checkr, our screening provider. For more information on how to order one of these screenings, visit our support portal.

5. No more tax or invoicing hassles

Stop worrying about collecting 1099 tax documents from all of your customers. Each year, you’ll get one consolidated 1099 tax document from Field Nation for the work completed on our platform. 

Get paid once a week without the hassle of invoicing or following up with clients to collect payment. You’ll receive payments via direct deposit or PayPal.

6. Other resources to make you more successful

Illustration of a connected brain

We regularly post resources geared for technicians—from profile tips to industry insights to onsite safety tips.

Technicians are a critical part of our community. That’s why our service comes bundled with so many extras to help you succeed. 



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