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How (and why) field service leaders should leverage on-demand labor

November 2, 2022


Field service leaders are in a bind. They need to watch costs with unprecedented care to keep their margins from disappearing. At the same time, they need to provide a quality service experience to stay competitive.

Some service companies ensure quality by leaning on a staff of full-time employees, which often results in long, expensive drives (or even flights) to job sites.

Other service companies lean on subcontractors to increase coverage and agility, which shuts the company out of the technician selection process and leads to a loss of quality control.

The resulting cost/quality dilemma places service leaders in a precarious position. Either give up control of their brand to gain flexibility and coverage, or cover the gap with travel and absorb enormous costs.

Luckily, there is another option service leaders can add to their toolbelt: on-demand labor. Service companies can supplement their full-time employees and subcontractor relationships with a network of trusted on-demand technicians in order to expand their coverage, and ensure the quality of service that keeps their clients coming back with new work.


Say goodbye to painful and costly tradeoffs

Field service techs are increasingly the face of service delivery brands: they are often the primary (or only) in-person interaction point with end customers. Our guide to winning on both cost and quality has more insight on how on-demand labor gives service companies another lever to pull when it comes to protecting and strengthening their brand.


Break from tradition: how to get started

Legacy organizational models have served field service leaders well for years. These models have gotten them where they are today. Unfortunately, they won’t get them where they need to go next. Discover the three steps service organizations can follow to begin incorporating on-demand labor into their blended workforce model in our guide to winning on both cost and quality which contains lots of additional detail you can rely on when it comes to embracing on-demand labor.


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