Grow your business with actionable insights on your business's quality outcomes, efficiency, timeliness, and spend

Executive Dashboard

At-a-glance insight into how your company’s brand is represented on the Field Nation platform.

Marketplace technician satisfaction rating

Average time to request, assign, and approve work orders

Work order problem rate

Pricing Insights

Strike a balance between finding cost-effective talent and ensuring you are competitively priced in the market to find the most qualified provider for your work at the best price. 

Pricing insights are based on real data from the past 60 days by type of work and geography.

Gain strategic insights with Field Nation Plus

Work Order Activity Reports

Create and schedule robust custom reports to access and analyze your data. Keep key stakeholders  informed of work order and project performance.

Biannual Business Review

Review of Marketplace data for both end-clients and projects. Gain visibility into your quality outcomes, timeliness, efficiency, and spend.

Grow your business with the help of an expert through Field Nation Premier

Quarterly business reviews

Dedicated specialists provide context and actionable advice based on your business’s actual data.

Geographic distribution

Dispatcher and project manager performance

Project key performance indicators

Quality outcomes

Growth Opportunities

Field Nation Premier doesn’t just eliminate expenses- it can help to grow top-line revenue, too. Field Nation specialists identify growth opportunities based on 10 years of field service expertise.

Learn about opportunities to expand into new types of work based on industry trends and your current portfolio.

Understand opportunities for geographic expansion using the Field Nation marketplace and your dedicated Field Nation specialist.

Project Intelligence

Submitting a bid or an RFP response shouldn’t feel like a shot-in-the-dark. With Field Nation Premier, it won’t be.

Get custom coverage and pricing insights giving your RFP response a competitive edge.

Submit an RFP response that’s competitive enough to win the bid, and accurate so you won’t cut margins too close.