Field Nation Premier

Transform your service delivery and maximize profitability

Grow profitably

Service leaders are in a tough spot. Driving growth while maintaining margins at a competitive price point has never been more critical – or more challenging. For service organizations that are ready to take their service delivery capabilities to the next level, Field Nation Premier helps companies improve their win rate, enhance their workflow efficiency, and increase profitability.


Meet Field Nation Premier

With a full suite of innovative tools and unmatched service and support, Field Nation Premier enables companies to strategically leverage the power of an on-demand workforce. In addition to providing access to the Field Nation marketplace, Field Nation Premier offers three key feature sets that drive results and deliver impact:

MarketSmart™ Insights

PeopleSmart Talent Management

WorkSmart Productivity Suite

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MarketSmart Insights tool

MarketSmart™ Insights

Real-time, on-demand, market-wide pricing and coverage data

  • Actionable pricing and coverage data from across the Field Nation marketplace that can be filtered by zip code, type of work, keyword, client, project, and more
  • Helps sales respond to RFPs more quickly, competitively, and profitably
  • Enables operations to proactively identify and fill coverage gaps

PeopleSmart Talent Management

Everything needed to source, vet, and manage on-demand talent at scale

  • Our team of experts help source and vet hard-to-find or specialized skills
  • Advanced Technician Profiles allow dispatchers to focus on techs with recent, relevant, proven experience
  • Pre-Assignment Surveys enable teams to verify technical knowledge and skill before assignments
  • Smart Talent Pools notify you when a preferred tech no longer meets your standards for screenings and quality ratings
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WorkSmart Productivity Suite

Auto Dispatch and Tiered Auto Dispatch

Automatically assign work based on pre-configured selection rules, significantly reducing time to assign

Advanced Audit and Review Features

Review and approve work orders with just a few clicks, saving valuable time without sacrificing accuracy

SmartAudit Approval Automation

Define what you’re willing to automatically approve before the platform queues up those work orders for mass approval or a quick spot check

Ready to leverage the power of an on-demand workforce?

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