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Get plugged in

Whether it’s plug & play connectivity or a customized solution, our integrations keep your workforce humming.


Automation = efficiency

Integrating your existing systems with Field Nation delivers the benefits of our powerful platform and enables greater efficiency across your operation.

End-to-end automation

Help eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors.

Streamlined work orders

Post jobs efficiently to get qualified techs onsite faster.

Ongoing updates

Stay current with the latest functionality and upgrades.

Connect to what you’re already using

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Out-of-the-box & into a groove

Discover how we helped ReSource POS eliminate duplicate data entry and streamline their dispatch process using an out-of-the-box integration with Autotask.


Let’s chat about integrations

Partnering with Field Nation doesn’t mean adding more layers to your tech stack or processes. Integrations let you keep all your existing systems and workflows and bake our platform right into them. Want to know more? Talk to Field Nation today.


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Stay plugged into the Field

White Paper

Win on cost. Win on quality. Win in 2023.

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Reliance on traditional labor models has left field service leaders in a precarious position when considering cost versus quality. Luckily, there is another option to add to their toolbelt: on-demand labor.

White Paper


Quiet quitting in field services: Why you need to reconsider the type of work you’re assigning to your most valuable employees

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You may have read about the newest buzzword in the post-pandemic world of talent: Quiet Quitting. Learn how this phenomenon has unique relevance to field service delivery, and how on-demand labor can mitigate the risk of losing your best people.



Three IoT trends that will shape retail technology in 2023

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IoT (short for "Internet of Things") technology connects everyday objects and produces invaluable data about how we interact with household appliances, industrial tools, consumer interfaces, and more. Learn more about the three biggest trends in IoT.