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Improving Efficiency with Integrations: ReSource Point of Sale

May 16, 2018



ReSource Point of Sale (POS) is a restaurant and retail point-of-sale service and installation company operating in the United States – including Puerto Rico – and Canada. ReSource POS operates anywhere from 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week, with the exception of a few holidays. ReSource POS relies on Field Nation to fill coverage gaps.

Before Field Nation

ReSource POS  had to search for technicians from third parties or use existing contacts. They had very limited reach, and the process of finding and dispatching technicians was very time-consuming. They had W2 technicians in Texas, Los Angeles, and Miami, but lacked coverage in other locations. And, ReSource POS had to go through Netsuite to talk to technicians, then relay information back to the client which wasted time and resources.

Improving efficiency with integrations

Saving time and resources is critical for the success of any business. ReSource POS found just that by integrating Autotask with Field Nation.

Through an API, Autotask and Field Nation share information and data in real-time. Technicians can upload photos to Field Nation, and end-clients can view those photos directly from Autotask. ReSource POS Clients can also view important pieces of information, like tracking information and closing notes entered into Field Nation from their Autotask portal. “Custom fields in Field Nation are also uploaded to Autotask, eliminating the need for our staff to retype closing notes, check-in/out information, RMA #s, or work order titles,” says Bill Wood, a Dispatch and Field services manager at ReSource POS. All of this information is synced in real-time, without data entry from employees. “We’re shaving minutes off of work orders, and when you’re doing hundreds a day that saves a ton of time,” says Wood. Instead of re-entering data or information from one system into the next, employees can focus on larger initiatives and growing the business. Plus, the end client loves the real-time feedback.

Curating a pool of quality technicians

A large concern when using contractors is accountability and reliability from the contract workers. ReSource POS uses Field Nation’s Talent Pools to build specific groups of high-quality technicians from the Marketplace. Using templates, ReSource POS is able to receive thorough feedback from end clients on technicians’ performance. And, ReSource POS has one convenient view of deliverables, photos, notes, tasks, and tickets. Having an overview of all active work and helps ensure accountability from technicians and dispatchers alike.

“It’s a huge bonus to see all of the data from technicians. We look at this to measure their performance and determine if we’ll use them again,” says Wood. “This is the easiest way for us to determine if someone has done a good job, the platform makes it so easy to view
deliverables, pictures, and tasks assigned.”

ReSource POS has more than 100 technicians in its Talent Pool so far, and the list just keeps growing. “When someone does excellent work we make sure to add them to our Talent Pool… we want to use the same technician as many times as possible, so our project managers can keep building on that relationship.”

The Field Nation difference

When asked why ReSource POS uses Field Nation Wood replied, “The people are awesome. Our account executive responds in minutes. Anytime I have an issue Field Nation steps in to help us find solutions fast. There’s no arguing back and forth – Field Nation just handles it.”

ReSource POS has worked closely with the sales, support, and integrations team at Field Nation to find creative solutions for any problems both inside and outside of the platform.


Wood has been in the industry for over 20 years and used platforms like Field Nation throughout. “We use Field Nation anywhere we need a technician where we don’t have one,” says Wood. “And, since integrating Autotask with Field Nation, we have saved significant time and resources. This helps our clients see updated information in real time without someone getting on the phone or typing an email – saving us thousands.”

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