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IT services provider scales business with Field Nation’s Client API.

September 15, 2021


Field Nation + an IT service provider at a glance


A provider of critical hardware support and service for both mid-range and enterprise-level information technology systems.


Deliver exceptional service to clients throughout the U.S. while improving efficiency and reducing service delivery costs.


Field Nation Premier, which includes:

  • Custom integration with Customer Service Delivery Platform (CSDP) – a service resource management (SRM) platform that automates ticketing, contract management, and invoicing
  • PeopleSmart Talent Management – people, processes, and advanced technologies to help source and manage contingent labor at scale
  • WorkSmart Productivity Suite – innovative platform tools that enable more streamlined work management and delivery
  • MarketSmart Insights – the only tool of its kind that provides on-demand, market-wide pricing, and coverage data


  • Managed 20,000+ service calls using on-demand technicians in Field Nation community
  • Expanded technician network with 3,500+ on-demand workers
  • Reduced cost of service delivery using on-demand labor
  • Met client needs for 24×7 support nationwide
  • Reduced time to create new service tickets by 80+%
  • Implemented custom integration between CSDP and Field Nation to enable scale without additional headcount

Transforming the business model

More than a decade ago, the IT service provider changed its business model. With the help of Field Nation, the company shifted to a blended model of full-time employees and on-demand technicians. Today, they supplement a full-time staff with 3,500+ contract technicians from the Field Nation platform.

The company’s Vice President of Operations oversees contract management and service call delivery.

“We’ve altered our business model based on the capabilities of the Field Nation platform,” he said. “Once we figured out how to find technicians on the platform, we changed our quoting process. We also changed our delivery process to match this new model. The primary driver for our business model shift is cost. We live and die by our bottom-line number.”

Not only does Field Nation help them keep costs in check, the platform also helps the company deliver the quality service clients expect. The service provider delivers around-the-clock technical IT support for customers across the U.S. and Canada. 

“The geographic coverage that the Field Nation platform provides is extremely valuable,” the VP of Operations added. “We appreciate having multiple qualified technicians available in the same city so clients don’t have to wait if they have an urgent service need.”

“We appreciate having multiple qualified technicians available in the same city so clients don’t have to wait if they have an urgent service need.”

Also, the company uses Field Nation’s MarketSmart™ Insights tool to inform pricing decisions and create proposals. 

“MarketSmart Insights is phenomenal. Having access to on-demand, market-wide pricing and coverage data has enabled us to price our work competitively yet profitably – and do it much more quickly,” he said.


MarketSmart Insights tool

Field Nation’s MarketSmart Insights tool

Seamless data synchronization 

To further boost efficiency, the IT services provider integrated its CSDP SRM system with the Field Nation platform. The Client API developed by Field Nation includes a Rest API and Webhooks. Field Nation runs dedicated API servers that enable real-time data exchange between Field Nation and CSDP.

Prior to the integration, the company used two screens simultaneously to manage work orders, one for the Field Nation platform and the other for CSDP. Creating a work order took approximately 20 minutes and required duplicate, manual data entry. With the integration, the company can create a work order in just two to three minutes using one system, which is an 80 percent improvement. 

“All of the data synchronization between CSDP and Field Nation happens automatically,” the VP of Operations explained. “We don’t have to find updates, or copy and paste notes into our system. And creating a work order involves two clicks instead of 20.”

The company has transformed the dispatch process as well. Previously, each dispatcher worked with their own queue of cases. But now all dispatchers work on all cases as a team. Dispatchers can automatically access updated data about technicians, work orders, and more from within CSDP. 

What’s more, getting the integration up and running required minimal effort. Field Nation and CSDP partnered on the rollout using a comprehensive program management approach. The process included solution design, implementation, testing, user acceptance testing, training, and launch. 

Dispatchers don’t need to be specially trained to use the new process. The Client API integration complements and works along with the company’s existing service delivery processes.

“Field Nation and CSDP promised us magic and they delivered,” the VP of operations concluded. “The integration was a fantastic move for us. Everything is more streamlined and efficient, enabling us to scale without adding headcount.”

“Field Nation and CSDP promised us magic and they delivered. The integration was a fantastic move for us. Everything is more streamlined and efficient, enabling us to scale without adding headcount.”

To receive the same great service and efficiencies from Field Nation, reach out to our team.

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