Field Nation Plus FAQ

Everything you need to know about Field Nation Plus

Q: Why has Field Nation started offering different packages?

A: As our business has grown, so have the needs of our customers. By creating differentiation in our offerings, we’re confident we’ll be able to better support each of our clients to achieve what’s meaningful to them — whether it’s posting one work order for one job or adding a new work type to grow and expand their service delivery.


Q: Do I need to take any action?  

A: No. Your Field Nation experience is being upgraded to Plus on your behalf. No action is required from you at this time. 


Q: What is the cost of Field Nation Plus

A: Starting on June 1, 2020 you will incur a 3% charge on the total work order value.  


Q: Is there still a free option? 

A: Yes. Field Nation continues to offer basic platform access free of charge.


Q: If I move to Field Nation Basic, will I lose any of my current functionality or information? 

A: Yes. Our Basic account doesn’t include mass action tools including templates, mass editing, mass approval, auto dispatch, and copying work orders. Field Nation Basic also does not include custom fields, clients, projects or enhanced provider vetting tools including selection rules and endorsements.


Q: What are the differences between Field Nation Basic and Field Nation Plus? 

A: Field Nation Basic is our entry-level account. You’ll continue to have access to our entire marketplace, ratings, reviews, and workflow management. Field Nation Basic allows you to assign 50 work orders per month at no charge. There is a 5% fee for every work order assigned after that limit. 

With Field Nation Plus, you have everything in Basic and access to soft skill endorsements and ratings, faster support response, and platform functionality that allows you to do work in mass. There is no limit to the number of work orders you can assign in Plus.  


Q: Is there a timeframe in which I have to elect to move to the free option? 

A: No. You can move to Field Nation Basic at any time.


Q: What steps should I take if I want to move to the free option? 

A: Submit this form and your experience will be downgraded to Field Nation Basic.  


Q: What are the different packaging options?

  • Field Nation Basic enables you to try Field Nation and supplement your workforce when you need a tech for a job immediately.
  • Field Nation Plus enables you to be proactive and find coverage for large projects, and meet SLA expectations for maintenance work. It also provides functionality that allows you to run contingent projects at scale.  
  • Field Nation Premier is ideal for companies looking to embed marketplace labor into their overall labor delivery model. It enables you to grow by being able to bid more competitively, and mitigate risk with insight into real-time market signals including pricing optimization by skill and region.

Q: Can a customer in Field Nation Basic purchase integrations?

A: Yes. You have the ability to integrate in the Basic account. However, we believe the added functionality in the Plus and Premier accounts will provide a greater return on investment for scale and ease of use.


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