“Report a Problem” Updates

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Updates for Buyers and Technicians

“Report a Problem” updates

  • “Report a Problem” problem types and subcategories have been updated to ensure better case management and reporting. We looked at past issues reported and consulted our internal teams and adjusted problem types we felt were not descriptive enough, removed ones we felt were not providing value, and added ones that were not being represented in our current selection. With these changes we hope to accomplish the following: 
    • Better data and insight into what kinds of issues our users are experiencing and where they need our assistance. This new information gathered will also allow us to make future process changes that will continue to improve the experience of our users. 
    • Better case management.  We hope these changes allow us to gather more information on our users issues upfront so we can quickly start working on a resolution. 
    • Encourage platform engagement and action.  Offering more clear opportunities for you to work with the provider directly to reach a resolution.  If a resolution cannot be reached or additional assistance is needed we will continue to offer you our 24/7 customer support. 
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Updates for Buyers

Work order sync for V3 integrations

  • Buyers can resync multiple work orders via V3 out-of-the-box integrations by using the new Batch Jobs Work Order Resync service. Inputting a list of work orders into this service will send outbound updates to the buyer’s integrated software. This is available for the following version 3 integrations: Autotask, Connectwise, Fieldpoint, Salesforce, ServiceNow.
  • V3 Connectwise integrations introduced inbound and outbound triggers to update work order content in Connectwise and Field Nation. Buyers can change work order specific content in Connectwise and use the new outbound trigger to send the updates to Field Nation. Subsequently, Field Nation work order updates, including messages, will flow back to Connectwise using the inbound trigger.