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Vology, an ATSG Company is set to scale with on-demand labor from Field Nation

January 15, 2021


Vology, an ATSG Company, is a managed service provider (MSP) that delivers technology solutions, systems integration, and service and support. Their clients include enterprise retailers and restaurant chains across the U.S., which rely on the company for its extensive expertise in network management and same-day service. The company’s field service technicians install, repair and maintain routers, access points and other networking equipment.


  • Access to expert networking technicians across the U.S.
  • Achieved 40 percent cost savings versus using staffing agencies
  • Zero quality escalations to executive team
  • Leveraged multi-tier auto-dispatch to consistently deliver same-day service
  • 97 percent First-Time Fix (FTF) resolution

"We completed the project using 100 percent contingent labor sourced through Field Nation — and it was a tremendous success."

CEO of Vology, an ATSG Company

Tom York

According to Tom York, who became CEO of Vology, an ATSG Company, in early 2020, the company’s highest priority is delivering on client commitments.

“Delivering what our customers expect is really what I care most about. When we make a commitment to a client, I expect us to keep it,” he explained.

York has a long history in the managed services industry. He partnered with Field Nation for more than 10 years before joining Vology, an ATSG Company.

“I first started using contingent labor for field services over 10 years ago,” said York. “At first, I was skeptical. But the turning point for me happened while working on a massive point-of-sale project for a big-box retailer. We completed the project using 100 percent contingent labor sourced through Field Nation — and it was a tremendous success.”

Meeting clients’ field service expectations

Field services are at the heart of how Vology, an ATSG Company, works with clients. The company’s field services team, also known as the “V-Squad,” ensures that a qualified engineer will be at a client location anywhere in the U.S. within four hours. V-Squad services include network wiring, surveys, installs, and maintenance, which are backed by a team of project managers that oversee the work.

Before working with Field Nation, Vology, an ATSG Company, used staffing agencies and other labor sources to supplement its full-time employees.

“We know that it’s not affordable to run a 100% W2 workforce across a multi-state project. And working with multiple regional agencies to source field services labor can be very fragmented and inconsistent. Using contingent labor through Field Nation is key to meeting our clients’ needs and hitting our cost targets,” York added.

York estimates that using the Field Nation marketplace reduces labor costs by approximately 40 percent compared with staffing agencies.


Scaling for the future

York believes that their biggest field service challenge is meeting client commitments in large, geographically diverse projects.

“It’s critical for us to find workers with the right technical skills, as well as the right ‘soft’ skills such as punctuality and following the correct procedures. We view this as a journey in which we never reach the end of the road,” he added.

Vology, an ATSG Company, appreciates the quality and consistency of techs on the Field Nation marketplace. In particular, curated pools of preferred technicians allow Vology, an ATSG Company, to tap into a network of technicians that have performed well on previous jobs. Also, York reports that he “never hears about escalations from the field services team” regarding quality issues from projects using Field Nation techs.

To date, their partnership with Field Nation has been so successful that the company plans to “double down” on its field services business in the coming months. Recently, Vology, an ATSG Company, upgraded to Field Nation Premier, which helps companies scale profitably using a variable labor model. As Vology, an ATSG Company, scales its field service business, the company plans to take advantage of all Premier has to offer, such as access to coverage and pricing data through MarketSmart Insights, pre-vetting surveys, and talent sourcing services.

“Ultimately, our mission is to help our clients be more successful in their business. We view the Field Nation marketplace as a key part of our success and critical to our ability to scale in the future,” York concluded.

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"We view the Field Nation marketplace as a key part of our success and critical to our ability to scale in the future."

CEO of Vology, an ATSG Company

Tom York


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