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2024 Field Service Trends & Predictions

By Wael Mohammed, EVP of Strategy, Field Nation

January 26, 2024


As we transition into 2024, the field service industry stands on the brink of a new era, characterized by transformative shifts and unprecedented opportunities. Prepare for a successful new year and dive into our comprehensive white paper on the field service landscape, leveraging exclusive data from the Field Nation marketplace.


Discover the latest trends shaping the field service industry in 2024 to help you refine your strategies and thrive in this dynamic environment. Gain insights into how economic changes, labor market dynamics, and technological advancements are transforming the sector and learn how specialized market strategies and adaptable business models are crucial for success.


  • A pullback in discretionary spending affects some projects; however, rapid growth continues in other areas.
  • The skilled labor shortage shifts focus towards independent contractors, changing workforce dynamics.
  • A targeted approach for different vertical markets enhances opportunities, as each segment responds uniquely to market trends.
  • Growth opportunities proliferate in the physical security, data center expansion, wireless upgrades, and digital signage spaces.

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Wael Mohammed

Wael Mohammed has been in the technology industry for three decades. He has held leadership roles in startups and large enterprises, including SPS Commerce, IBM, and Target. Wael is currently the Executive Vice President of Product Management & Strategy at Field Nation, and oversees strategy, product management, product design, and data science. He is a master in identifying product and market growth opportunities, taking new products to market, and maximizing product performance.


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