Did You Know: Business & Buyer Client Names Are Now Visible in Field Nation

6.1.2016, Written by Meredith Atkinson

Did You Know: Business & Buyer Client Names Are Now Visible in Field Nation*

Freelancers are now able to view the names of business and buyer clients in Field Nation while searching work orders.

In the past, business names have been hidden from freelancers while searching work orders. Now, freelancers are able to view the names of buyer clients who they have completed at least one work order for. In addition, if a freelancer completes 10 work orders for any Field Nation buyer, they will be able to see all of the buyer names.

What does this change mean?

  • Freelancers are able to see who they will be working for in advance
  • Businesses are able to build their reputation in the freelance community
  • Freelancers are not only able to focus on the type of work, but their top buyer clients as well
  • Buyers and freelancers are able to establish long-lasting business partnerships
  • Freelancers and buyers will gain insight into their partnerships and foster better working relationships

This change will benefit buyers and freelancers alike, and will help establish visibility and trust among all users of the Field Nation platform.

We hope you find these product updates useful. If you have any questions or would like to share feedback, please email us at social@fieldnation.com

*This feature is only available when accessing the platform from the website, it is not available in the iOS and Andriod apps