How-To: Create a Clear Work Order to Ensure Job Success

5.13.2016, Written by Ross French

One of the important contributors to job effectiveness is the clarity of job expectations. In the world of projects and SLA’s, where client needs evolve rapidly, many a times, new tasks are put onto people’s plate without much conversation. Creating a work order which clearly states what providers are supposed to accomplish on-site can go a long way in enhancing buyer-provider relationship and project success.

Below are the elements in a work order that buyers should focus on to create a great work order:

  • Work Order Title – to ensure right providers are notified about the task at hand
  • Project and Client Information – for better reporting and analysis
  • Manger and Contacts – to help providers reach out to you in case of any issues
  • Scope of Work – to detail job requirements, equipment required, dress code, etc
  • Tasks – represent the required sequential activities to be done on-site without which a job cannot be termed complete
  • Payment terms – help to define the outer limits for compensation to avoid future negotiations

View this video to learn best practices to create a great work order.